damn. another year has passed. i guess, really, it isn't so bad getting older, but i must say, it would be so much less bad if there weren't so many remiinders. every year, the requisite birth-year for buying cigarettes gets further from mine. my baby cousins are eight. (!!!) my oldest brother turns 27 in two days. my youngest brother just graduated high school. and worst of all, i can say, "yeah, i read that once...fifteen years ago." and mean it.

on the bright side, i still get mistaken for sixteen with astonishing regularity. sometimes even twelve. i suppose it's flattering, but so was being taken for 35, this past Outlandish, but that was really, really different. that hadn't a thing to do with how i looked. but you know, there really is a price to pay for looking younger. people don't take you seriously, you get followed by mall security, i almost got thrown out of a porn store once (it was my little brother's 18th birthday, dammit.). not to mention, of course, that the only reason i look this good (or this frail, depending on the mirror) is that i haven't been exposed to direct sunlight for several years. sometimes i wish i could go sit in the sun and read a book, or that i could look out my window without putting my glasses on first. ::sigh:: i should quit my bitching. at least i'll never look my age.