According to Suetonius, who claims to have taken his story from the theological writer Asclepiades the Mendesian, Augustus Caesar's birth was foretold by a public portent in the year of his birth that frightened the Roman Senate so badly that they decreed that no child born in that year should be trained for politics. The story also goes on to explain that Augustus's mom, Atia, was impregnated by Apollo in the form of a serpent, and that this ...interaction... left a mark in the form of a serpent on her hip. Atia, who didn't want people telling stories about her bizarre sexual practices, refused to use the public baths after this. After his birth, Augustus was an adventurous child, never staying where he was put down. At one point, the story says, he quieted the frogs in his grandfather's garden by telling them that they had disturbed his nap.

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