congratulations to the soon to be married folks!

i cleaned my entire house this weekend. not just 'straightened up', or 'put some things away', no. i *cleaned*. i washed the floors, i washed the windows, i washed my mattress, i washed all my laundry including the shower curtain. there is nothing in my house, now, that i don't want there. it's almst terrifying. however, i live in a desert, so everything will be back to dusty-normal by the time i get home. sometimes, i wonder why i bother.

i have two large papers and two analyses to write this week. one of those papers is due today, but i haven't had time to write it, between school and work and keeping the allergies in check. i have to calm down. i'm killing myself. i've had a cramp in my back since thursday and it's making my arm numb. i haven't had caffeine since ... two weeks ago? and, still, i'm twitchy and unpleasant.

soon, the semester will be over. then i can relax a little, and catch up on my filing and my networking. i'll have two weeks of nothing to worry about but work and financial restructuring.