Insert Rant Here:

Why is it when you're depressed all of the little things that people do suddenly become the big things that get to you?

The little snide comments. The brush-offs. The strange looks that somebody who you thought you were atleast friends with gives you. The times you were let down. The times you feel worthless. Ignored. When somebody smashes your happiness without a second thought, or even a glance, to see what it did to you.

This entire day has been like that for me. Usually I'm the silly person who tries to make jokes to get a smile out of somebody. Nobody smiled today. One person was angry and didn't want to talk to anybody. Another just didn't even acknowledge my existence (and we were the only ones there.) Then to come home to see that nobody's happy there either. And to make things worse, I become the punch line to every stupid, degrading joke they can think of. Everybody all at once now! Let's make sure Heather has no shred of dignity left after this!

It's hard to take sometimes. I mean, sure, it's really easy to make fun of me. I accept this with all humility. And I can take a joke. But I can't take fifty. In making a joke, there's a line that crosses "Just Kidding". And that line is when the one joke becomes another, and another, and one more...etc.

Nobody likes to be the butt of the joke, I suppose.

The moral of the story is this: If you're the kind of person who finds themselves saying, "Hey! It was just a joke! Can't you take a joke?" Know when to lay off. Because you've probably just gone too far. Take the hint.

From the "jilted and feeling bitter about it" dept.