"I get mad when I get shot in the balls playing paintball, but this..." - Sam Dillon

One of my classmates, a senior two months from graduating. went to Florida for Spring Break. Yesterday he was mugged. A man came out and asked them for all their money. My classmate only had $7. Seven dollars isn't all that much, so the mugger pulled out his gun and shot the kid between the eyes. I'm not a doctor, so I have no clue how this kid could have survived. Apparently, the bullet is sitting in the back of the skull, and doctors aren't sure how to get it out.

I live in suburbia, so shootings, muggings, and other violent crimes are pretty foreign to me. This pretty much shocked my school. It put everything into perspective for many people, including Sam Dillon. One would survive getting shot in paintball, but getting shot between the eyes is a little more lethal.

The worst part of it all was some of the students' reactions. The day felt surreal for me. I used to be friends with the kid, but in high school we grew apart. I kept thinking "How could this happen." Other students took the day off and used the shooting as an excuse. They didn't really care about the kid. They just pretended to be hurt by the whole incident and went out to eat.

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