Letterland is a structured learning programme which is designed to teach young children the basics of the english language.
In Letterland every letter of the alphabet is assigned with a pictogram character. Each pictogram character has been carefully designed to represent the sound which its letter makes in words.

The letterland characters are as follows:

a = annie apple
b = bouncy ben
c = clever cat
d = dippy duck
e = eddy elephant
f = fireman fred
g = golden girl
h = hairy hat man
i = impy ink
j = jumping jim
k = kicking king
l = lucy lamp lady
m = munching mike
n = naughty nick
o = oscar orange
p = poor peter
q = quarrelsome queen
r = robber red
s = sammy snake
t = ticking tess
u = uppy umbrella
v = vase of violets
w = wicked water witch
x = max and maxine
y = yellow yo yo man
z = zig zag zebra

Each pictogram character is also linked with a story, to help children remember the various ways a letter can be pronounced in words. The programme has been used for over 20 years now and is targeted at children from 3-8 years old.

I personally feel that the Letterland characters are out of date and could be made more colorful to appeal to young children, they've had the same look since the late 70's/early 80's!