This day log is not a utility for an easy leap to level 2 (novice). I just really fookin' felt like writing one!

Anyway... The birds are nice aren't they? Chirping, as it were, umm, all around us. And, err... The widely-reconized summer months are over. That's a real shame. Soon we'll be freezing our buns off. Oh yeah.

But one must keep one's chin up and upper lip stiff, for these are really, really trying times. Yeah.

OH! As I was remarking to a friend the other day, what's up with those electric kettles? They're so durable. And the conflict in Iraq. Terrible stuff. People blowing themselves up, that just ain't right.

/me whistles and shuffles feet.

Saw this movie the other day. "The King's...", umm, something or other. It was top stuff, but the guy in the lead, something Smith, should have his guild card taken away or something. I mean he sucked like you would not believe. Shit, yeah.

Well, these are all things of great import, and I hope you'll all come away with something to think about after you have read this, I really do.

Level 2!!!!! Yihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!