Dropload (www.dropload.com) is a rather handy place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Dropload lets you upload files you wish to transfer, and stores them at a location somewhere in the depths of cyberspace for up to seven days. When uploading the file, you specify the e-mail address of the person you wish to receive the file, Dropload will then e-mail the person with an address at which they can pick up your file. The person can then click on this location and download your file in seconds. Easy as that and really handy, especially when you want to send files larger than those allowed in typical e-mail attachments. File limits on Dropload are 100 mbs, a far cry from the 1mb attachment limit on your typical Hotmail account. Any kind of files can be sent using dropload; mp3s movies, jpegs, etc.

Another feature of the dropload service is that you receive an e-mail to notify you when your file has been picked up. The site also keeps a record of all the files you have sent and received using dropload, in your personal dropload history, which you can freely access.

As far as security is concerned, only the sender of the files must have a dropload account which is password protected. And dropload promises never to use your e-mail address for anything except to notify you when your file has been picked up. The recipient needs only to have an e-mail address. They do not need a dropload account or password.

Dropload is a totally free and very user-friendly service. It was developed by Andre Torrez (AKA Simpleform). Dropload has recently hit 65k users and keeps growing. Long may it continue.