I was prince of a coastal area in ancient times. There was no electricity or real transportation/mass communication devices. The main problem was trying to keep my people alive, as our main source of living was the ocean, yet there were prevailent sea snakes (but you could get a shot that would make you invisible to them). Not to mention the sea dragons that occasionally showed up and the Land-walking killer whales.

It was forbidden to kill a sea dragon by order of the gods, but one of the walking whales had eaten one and walked into the center of our town. Then it died, flopping in the middle of town with the sea dragon's head hanging out of it's mouth. For some strange comedic affect, right then, as it fell, another land whale came up and bit it on the ass and likewise died.

We knew the gods were going to be very angry at us, and as prince, I would be the first one they dealt with.