Pretty good, yes, just as long as you work within the strict guidelines set by the programme:

  • If you try to select too many brush faces to edit at one time, clicking on each brush face in quick succession, I will crash.

  • If you try to stop compiling a level once I have started, I will crash.

  • If you think to yourself 'Hey, wow. It's been a while since Worldcraft crashed!', I will crash.

  • If you do anything that even vaguely displeases me, whether you're aware of it or not, I will crash.

Aside from it's horsehair bridge-like stability, Worldcraft is good for any number of tricks that just defy all logic. One of which is allowing you to compile a level with all entities hidden. An info_player_start is an entity, and since it's the one that tells Quake where the player actually starts, without it any compiled map file is totally useless. Yet it'll still let you get on with it, persecuting you for your forgetfulness.

Best advice for using Worldcraft? Save your work often. Like it's going out of fashion. Oh, and always double-check the status of your entities before agreeing to compile. You'll have a great time together and you won't pull too much hair out.