Ah, in the movie, it is revealed that the three "winners" aren't languishing in the tropics but actually rotting, half-burnt, slumped in storage lockers. Presumably enjoying the big jackpot. What does that say about game shows?

Many things in this movie really stood out for me. First and foremost: All of the big television monitors had a widescreen aspect ratio. Does Big Brother watch HDTV? Hmmm...

Also prophetic: Not only was the show a reality-based show, but when forced to fictionalize they turned to professional wrestling (natch, this scene is Jesse "the Body" Ventura's shining moment, and one of the only times Arnold's killed on-screen) and computer magic.

Until I watched this, it'd never really sunk in how many of Arnie's movies had "I'll be back" slipped in not-so-subtly.

More information on the 1987 movie taken from the imdb

Damon Killian, ruthless, backstabbing host of the lethal game show was better known for hosting "Family Feud".

During the closing credits you hear "The Running Man has been brought to you by: Breakaway Paramilitary Uniforms, Orville Pure Procreation Pills, and Cadre Cola - it hits the spot.

Promotional considerations paid for by Elton Flame Throwers, Wainright Electrical Launchers, and Hammond & Gates Chain Saws.

Damon Killian's wardrobe by Chez Antoine, 19th century craftsmanship for the 21st century man. Cadre trooper and studio guard's sidearms provided by Colt Chester, the pistol of patriots.

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The concept is certainly nothing too original. One book that comes to mind is Deathwish World by Dean Ing which describes a similar survival-based reality show. And he certainly wasn't the first, either.