The Cuban Missile Crisis Highlights


- Monday, October 15
A U-2 high level reconnaissance jet records pictures of nuclear missile sites being assembled in Cuba.

- Tuesday, October 16
Military advisors hands the pictures to President Kennedy, two options discussed: air strikes and the blockade.

- Wednesday, October 17
The military discovers that the missile could reach as far as Washington state.

- Thursday, October 18
The Soviets completely deny that they have nuclear missiles in Cuba.

- Friday, October 19
Kennedy continues on a campaign trip in the Mid-west maintains secrecy of the discovery.

- Saturday, October 20
Kennedy cancels the campaign trip because of an upper respiratory infection and to discuss Cuba.

- Sunday, October 21
Kennedy discusses in detail with his advisors the two major plans of action a quarantine or an air strike.

- Monday, October 22
Kennedy addresses the nation saying that he is going to start a quarantine on Cuba.

- Tuesday, October 23
Kennedy orders a low level reconnaissance mission to examine the sites closer.

- Wednesday, October 24
Soviet ships stop at the quarantine line, military alert raised to DEFCON 2 (Defense Condition Two).

- Thursday, October 25
Pictures shown at the U.N. proving that there are missiles in Cuba.

- Friday, October 26
A Soviet ship is cleared through the quarantine because it was not carrying any missiles.

- Saturday, October 27
The only casualty is taken when a U-2 is shot down by a Soviet surface-to-air missile. A U-2 is almost shot down over Russia when it strays into Soviet airspace.

- Sunday, October 28
Soviets agree to move missiles out of Cuba if the U.S. makes a public statement not to invade Cuba.