For almost three months I´ve been working on his project
He has severe problems communicating

I ask: "where can I find the methanol?"
He stares at me.
He gets up from his chair.

he never says a word

Silently he walks down the corridor.

I follow him, just as silently.
He is my supervisor

He opens a cupboard
reaches into it.
He grabs the bottle containing methanol.
He holds it in front of me.

he never says a word

So we stand face to face, looking at each other.
The bottle between us.
I reach out for it.
He shoves it into my hand.
He walks off.

I stand there, confused.
Will it be like this for three months?

The three months have past.
I walk into his office.

I say: "I´m leaving today."
He looks up from his desk:
I say: "So, I´ll keep working with some of your stuff at my new place of work. I´ll let you know when I get the results."
He looks at me

his face is blank


I get out of his office
pack my stuff
and leave.