Originally simply an online computer shop, they've recently started expanding into selling just about anything that draws a current. AV kit, kitchen goods, telephones, games consoles, stuff. Their prices murder Dixons/Currys/Comet in their beds. Hurrah! They've recently added an auction site too, although I'm yet to explore it. The section selling 'soiled or damaged items' is spiffy - often the only problem is a scuffed box.

Delivery is occasionally a bit iffy, leading to the odd phonecall paperchase around their various departments. They played most of Led Zeppelin II when I was on hold once, mind. Kudos.

They sport a hilariously disorganised database, which can sometimes be a pain, although they're getting better. View webpage of manufacturer 'Generic'? A product catagory called DO NOT USE? A KT133 Motherboard which apparently looks like a small desk telephone? Nice

Cheap and reliable, although they can usually be undercut on computer bits by OcUK (www.overclockers.co.uk) and Scan (www.scan.co.uk)