A UK company created by Dave Atherton and Bruce Smith, initially as DABS Press and currently selling neat kit from their website, www.dabs.com.

The website is cool in that it works with just about any browser, mostly. (I admit, I've not bought anything there through Konqueror yet. I'll update this wu when I have.)

So far, the company has not gone the same way of Simply, who expanded and lost the personal touch, or of Software Warehouse, who ... err... got lost in the jungle.com.

Originally simply an online computer shop, they've recently started expanding into selling just about anything that draws a current. AV kit, kitchen goods, telephones, games consoles, stuff. Their prices murder Dixons/Currys/Comet in their beds. Hurrah! They've recently added an auction site too, although I'm yet to explore it. The section selling 'soiled or damaged items' is spiffy - often the only problem is a scuffed box.

Delivery is occasionally a bit iffy, leading to the odd phonecall paperchase around their various departments. They played most of Led Zeppelin II when I was on hold once, mind. Kudos.

They sport a hilariously disorganised database, which can sometimes be a pain, although they're getting better. View webpage of manufacturer 'Generic'? A product catagory called DO NOT USE? A KT133 Motherboard which apparently looks like a small desk telephone? Nice

Cheap and reliable, although they can usually be undercut on computer bits by OcUK (www.overclockers.co.uk) and Scan (www.scan.co.uk)

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