(answering the Nodeshell challenge!)

Opening shot: The screen of a TV set. Two people are playing Pong, and we can clearly hear that famous "beep . . . beep" of the ball hitting the paddles. From off camera we can hear two voices. During the ensuing conversation, the camera slowly pulls back, revealing John Lennon and Paul McCartney playing the game.

John: I guess it's got a bit of a beat, but cha can hardly dance to it . . .

Paul: Does everything have to be about music to you?

John: I'm just saying that I think we could get something out of this. You know, (beep) strawberry fields (beep) nothing is real . . .

Paul: (laughing) Alright, you're totally out of your jug.

John: I'm serious. We could do something with this.

Pause as the two continue to play. The shot now shows both of their backs, but is still slightly out of focus overall.

Paul: (beep) And nothing to get hung about (beep) . . . Okay, maybe you're onto something. Should we tell George and Ringo?

Title cue: Pong.
Title cue: Beep . . . Beep.