Here are two classic examples of bad teenage poetry. I wrote these when I was twelve. Of course, I'm still a teenager, so I don't know if I can speak for what's classified as "bad", but I do know that these two are not worthy of being published.

Sea of Suicide

Looking down at the sea so deep
A fatal possession I want to keep
sigh within, looking back
I'll remember always all I left
Fall straight in
emotions clinging to my skin
no one cares, never will
I'm slowly dying, no looking back
no one's there to help me out
I won't struggle to pull
I know I'm dead
I know my life was always dull
I turn pale blue
the color's there no matter what I do
it's too late now
I suppose this was my fate
my last word to you is goodbye


this weakened angst
the feelings now
you've got me down
I don't know how

no open arms
shown from your way
no warmth of you
nothing to say

can you feel the pain?
can you see it drawn your way?
does it make you low?
or can you brush it away?

I won't deny a broken heart
to get you to doubt me
because anything you say to me
I know I have to believe you

this feeling in my knees
it's anything but love
it's the feeling of your hatred
put in me from you

your soul can not be saved
it will be burn in hell
you know it will be slaved
and now you have nothing to sell

Ironically, while these poems are not very well-written, it still doesn't shame me to add my name as the author.

Update (4 years later): Yes it does.