Knock knock, it's three random women, mind if we come inside? So we sat aroung until too damn late rehashing old marching band and theatre jokes. It was cool. Kit_Lo: take note, talk to random women at lunch and they may show up on your doorstep in a few days!

My linux box has been crashing like Win98 on a 486 lately. It's just randomly locked up 4 times since wednesday. I think I have the problem beat, though. It was running VERY hot (surprise, it's an Athlon), so I moved the case fan to be right next to the CPU, and the temperature in the case has gone way down. Don't know about the CPU itself, but it has a dual-fan heatsink, so it should be OK now that the case is cooler. In the long run I'll probably need another case fan, but this seems to be OK for now.