Happy birthday, JustSomeGuy!

I need to start doing some character art for an RPG ender02 is building, so he'll stop "borrowing" sprites from other games, but first I need to talk someone out of a digitizing tablet for the afternoon (I can't draw as well with a mouse). Yay for The Gimp!
17:21:00 CDT - Well, I showed him my concept sketches, and he like the good knight, but I made the evil one look a little too evil, and I have to re-do him. Oh well, I guess a villain who looks like the devil dressed in armor made of bones is a little too creepy for this game.

There's a football game tonight, Texas A&M (WHOOP!!) vs University of Texas at El Paso. It will probably play like a repeat of the Wyoming game last week. I'll post highights and the final score here tonight.
Update:22:48:18 CDT - Final score was 45-17, Texas A&M won. The defense had a little trouble in the first half, but in the 3rd and 4th quarters, they came back to life. UTEP didn't score at all after halftime. As usual, the nationally famous Aggie band was excellent. Now Texas is losing to Stanford 13-9! It's a good football day(sorry, Ivan, I couldn't resist) I'm still hoarse from screaming and whooping. When I came back from the game there was a note on the door - "If you're cute, call nnn-xxxx" (number omitted to protect the innocent). Unfortunately, I've mostly lost my voice, so I don't think I'd be impressing the ladies over the phone. Besides, I'm not sure if I'm "cute"