Election day in the US of A.
The fux0ring post office didn't deliver my application for a mail-in ballot in time, so I don't get to make my statement in the presidential election. I was planning to vote for Ralph Nader, but shrub is going to win Texas by a landslide anyway. Al Gore needs to be taught that he can't take the liberals for granted; we *will* vote for a third-party candidate if the democrats decide to straddle the fence on certain issues. A vote for Nader is a vote for a better democratic candidate in four years.

I think I'm going to move to an underground bunker somewhere in the Yukon with 6,000 GB of disk storage and a T-3. I'll mirror everything controversial, illegal, or DMCA violating, and archive it there, so The Man can't touch it. Then when we manage to elect a government that isn't hell-bent on selling the souls of it's citizens to corporate interests, I'll put it all back up on the internet.

20:06 UTC
Before I forget, all y'all Texans out there should check out DEUM (Dallas Everything User's Meeting). It's going to be cool.