Bisexuality is not a "mental condition". It's not a condition at all. It just is. A person doesn't choose to be bisexual anymore than he/she chooses to be homosexual or heterosexual. You are either born that way or not. It's not about being hungry for affection or acting in response to some hurt in his/her past. It's not part of any sexual revolution either. A bisexual isn't on a path to being homosexual or heterosexual. I've heard both said. Bisexuals don't fit into neat little boxes. There are all types. Some lean more towards homosexuality, some lean more towards heterosexuality, and some are straight down the middle loving both men and women equally. Bisexuals are not gay when they are in a same-sex relationship. They are not straight when they are in an opp-sex relationship. They are still Bi. Bisexuals are not just attracted to personalities. It has to do with physical characteristics too. Some are attracted to the strength in males AND the softness and nurturing of females. You would have to ask to know. Sexuality is a very personal thing.

It may be that more people are coming out of the closet, so to speak, because they are feeling more comfortable with the idea themselves. Or it could be, they are feeling more safe about sharing that part of themselves with others. Based on what I know, Bisexuals have it a little harder in some ways, not really accepted in either the heterosexual world (because they are considered gay) or the homosexual world (because they can HIDE in the hetero community).

They are considered "fence-sitters" because they won't make a decision which way the breeze blows for them. It isn't sexual indecision. Bisexuals have made a choice. They choose not to choose. They choose to accept themselves for who they are. They choose to follow their hearts. A bisexual falls in love with the person not the gender.
They know they are Bi just like you know you are hetero, NightShadow.

Just because it is different doesn't make it wrong.

TheLady, I just reacted to what I read. Nightshadow had questions and I answered them based on my experiences without sarcasm.

Nightshadow, I misread you, habit of too many justifications. I agree. People are afraid of what they don't know or understand. Fear breeds Hate. I applaud you for trying to understand.

There isn't an APPEAL of bisexuality. A person isn't drawn to it because it's attractive or interesting. It's just how a person IS.
A friend of mine put it this way: You don't wake up one day and say "Hey, I think today I'll be one of the most hated people on Earth". Would you choose to be hated? It's not a choice.