He signs the credit card slip for the twelve pack of Mountain Dew and the bag of Doritos. He being the 19 year old "world is my oyster" guy from down the street.

"You'ld better keep that," he says cockily. "I'm going to be famous."

"Oh yah? Famous doing what?"

"I'm a drummer," he says puffing out his chest.

"In a band hmm?"

"It's where I'm headed now"

I don't say that drummers are a dime a dozen. I don't say you need to be a percussionist to make it big and even those have years of training on top of incredible talent. Instead I say, "What college band are you in?"

"HA! I don't have time for school. What a waste! I have more important things to do. So, be sure to save that slip of paper. It's going to be worth something some day." And cocky boy with a toss of his hair swishes out the door.

He's got confidence going for him, I will give him that. I wonder how long he'll be able to hold onto that in this dog eat dog world without a back up plan. Confidence isn't going to put food on the table. Neither will a lack of higher education. Who knows, maybe he will be one of the lucky ones that accidently bumps into the right person who hooks him up in a rock and roll band that will shoot straight for the stars.

Right now I see that this signature is worth exactly $5.28. I fold the slip in half and slide it into my basket with the other credit receipts.

"Next please?"