Light ahead.

In the darkness

Sometimes one candle

Is more than a comfort.

Sometimes It casts out

Its feeble light upon

Those shapes you

did not see,



Do not

Wish to see now.

Reaching branches,

Rearing rocks, dark

Water, bubbling as

If Something is in –

Shadows moving as

If alive, wait – one

Of the shadows is

Moving and you

Realize that if you

Could see the little

Light, why then,

So could any wee

Beastie that wants

To know where its

Next victim is, and

If you could reach

The light, why then,

So could any wee

Beastie that wants

To feast now – oh,

How foolish to find the

Light, to run for the light, to reach
The light that locates you, shows you passing
In front of it, a signal to all wee beasties that are surely
Creeping around, and now you see why some people tell you to 
Avoid looking into the nasty creeping skulking things that seem to underlie much
Of life, don’t cast light on them, don’t give yourself away, oh, no one wishes to see
The nasty wee beasties in the shadows, to feel their own hand is forced into fighting them
So – you need more than one candle in the darkness. You need a dozen. Two  hundred.
Three hundred. Five. A thousand. A million. Bring light! Bring light! The shadows shall not hide!