Ghost Story
Two people are stood at a bar, drinking. The second is a little 
drunk. Dialogue can be altered to suit the actors' accents if 

                    PERSON ONE
       ...and my mum's watch had stopped at 
       exactly 2:30!

                    PERSON TWO

                    PERSON ONE
       What? It's true.

                    PERSON TWO
       No offence, mate - I'm sure you're a nice 
       bloke - but it's just coincidence. All 
       ghost stories are. Just coincidence and 

                    PERSON ONE
       That's ironic.

                    PERSON TWO
               (cont'd; oblivious)
       --I mean, no offence to your mum or 
       anything, but I'd like to imagine your 
       grandad's ghost had something better to 
       do with his afterlife than make her late 
       for work, you know what I'm saying?

He suddenly realises what Person One said.

                    PERSON TWO
       Hang on, "ironic"? Did you die ten years 
       ago on this very day or something?

                    PERSON ONE

                    PERSON TWO
       Too right.

                    PERSON ONE
       You did.

Person Two looks around sharply in surprise. Person One is not