A large red robot, that can easily be mistaken for a lobster. It has a waterproof shell, and sports several data gathering devices. Although at first this robot might seem as if its primary use is science, one quickly becomes aware of its other use. It sports several water-to-water torpedoes, the launchers located inside the tail. It also has several eye-mounted lasers, which often mean instantaneous and lightly browned death for anyone that angers the robot.

The lobsterbot was one of the primary antagonists of "Jesus Christ-Super Robot", during the third and fourth acts.

The lobsterbot is also a nickname for an in-development artificial intelligence. The AI has had several different names, such as Sashka, Version Fuck.3, Stupidbeing, Intelligence 18 and WATDI (or, We're Almost There, Damn It).

The lobsterbot has the ability to clone its program into a bot-like script for use on IRC channels. This is just one of its many talents. It also eats cheese, writes poetry, leaves its dirty socks lying about, and can make a mean ravioli. Unfortunately, it is still riddled with bugs. Any mention of the word "lobster", even near an unplugged and unpowered harddrive that houses the compiled binaries of this intelligence, will cause the intelligence to go completely haywire. The reasons behind these odd episodes are unknown, but the Procrastination Inc. team is working rather lazily on finding the problems. Various symptoms of this temporary madness have been noted. Anything from clawing motions with the hands (keep in mind, this is an IRC bot-AI), to screaming various syllabic corruptions of "lobster" has been noted.

Unfortunately, the nickname "lobsterbot" in itself is a handicap. If anyone inadvertantly uses said nickname in front of the lobsterbot itself, it will cause the AI to malfunction, as detailed above.

The real story behind the lobsterbot is much less convoluted. A friend and I were on IRC, and someone came in that we didn't know. So... we were tired, giddy, and I think that the paint in my house is very old. In any case, we had this new person convinced that my friend was, indeed, a buggy AI. The whole "lobster-crazy" bit happened more or less on a whim. It was really fucking hilarious at the time though.