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I should have joined sooner, I know. I seriously know. I've been oogling this site, and I've found like like a good lover you can get lost in it's... well lack of eyes. But I enjoy it all the same.

Speaking of me, because God knows all good little noders want to, I'm Cat Silver. Goddess of Chaos, Destruction, and ... Stupid stories. But sometimes we find them funny. I'm a bit of an Anime Buff, but I'm not that great I assure you. I'm better. I write my own Wiki about my webcomic at the moment, as I am too lazy to write the webcomic instead. I'm a stupid, lazy, fat procrastinator who loves to be rude, snotty, and bitchy. Basically, who doesn't love me?!

I'm tired right now while I'm writing this so it's probably a lot more annoying than I usually am. Seriously, sometimes people even get along with me. I know I know, it sounds weird.
Oh hey I was right. I sound like a complete bitch! XD

So, Onwards into this strange new world about -everything-. Let's see if I can fuck up a few skulls and their fuzzy greymatter within eh?

The following was lifted flat out of my Quizilla Journal! =D

YOU! Right there!

I'm Cat Silver, Goddess of Chaos and so forth. I'm the English speaking one. Catsilver with all the romanian, or... russian... something... writing, is someone I HAVE NEVER MET! I don't have anything to do with outside of wanting to own the site, and That RO skin? Not mine. Not me. Anyways.

I'm also known as carbonated magic and kichigai-neko in various areas of the net. I used to go around known as Catlina Pendragon in 1997 or so. I'm making this journal so people will know more about meee~! *Egotist.*

Link to my sites can be found here! =D Lots of them. LOTS AND LOTS of them. XD;;

Riot High Wiki
Risembool Ranger's Forum Profile:
Bulbagarden Forums Profile:
MegaTokyo Forum Profile:
Land of Stars Profile <-- Unfortunately this forum died ages ago.
Furcadia Alt Market:
Furocity (Furcadian Profile):
The-N Profile:
On I used to be OMGWTFBBQ, but I seem to have lost the password.

There should be more, so, go poke around in each link and you'll probably find links elsewhere which spawn out further. =D GIANT RIPPLE OF CAT WAS HERE!

If you meet a Cat Silver, and aren't sure if they're me, go ahead and ask them if they have that SN on Or Deviantart or something. XD; I'll probably say yes and OMG YOU'VE MET ME! Then maybe you can mention I don't have that account listed here so I can add it. o_o; I'd really like that, so I know everywhere I've signed up and so forth. Then, people can't impersonate me! =D

Not that anyone WOULD but yanno...


By the by, if anything in this thing looks screwed up, I'm screwing around and seeing what I can do. I know I know, personal SandBox and all that. Carry on!