I've noticed that my subconscious is very loud. It chatters to itself, and on the occasion when the rest of my brain shuts down from lack of sleep it is still working at a rapid pace. I've also noticed it's smarter than me. If ever my active mind is blanked out from emotion, whether it be sobbing hopelessly or extremely gleeful, it opens its big yap.

It's a second thought, you're stuck in endless grief with no window and it speaks up in that sullen little voice of it's own and says, "This is stupid. We could be reading." It shocks you sometimes that it can see things so clearly when the forefront of your mind cannot. Then of course there's the constant imagery. Way back in your skull, farther, farther! Okay stop, right there, you think of a random thing. A picture, a photo, or even a word will show up. It'll progress into something else, which goes into something else. I can lay down in the dark and watch my subconscious flee through pictures like a hypochondriac goes through a medical dictionary. It's amusing.

Then you start to realize, if given this subject you would never have been able to see the picture as clearly. That second voice, without it you wouldn't know what the hey the clearest easiest path to realization was. You'd be lost without your subconscious. It's thinking a billion thoughts a second even as you're floundering for words to use in a conversation when for the life of you you can't remember what the word for green is.

Or maybe I just have ADD.

Then you have dreams, your mind in the background trying to put the bits and pieces of the day together like a puzzle, while you finally get to watch. It's confusing sometimes, and other times it puts together this wondrous story you'd never have imagined while awake!

So really, my brain without my help is smarter, does that mean by not listening to its endless ebb and flow I'm stunting it's growth? Great I'm retarded because I obey the common laws of the universe. Screw you Gravity!