It was decided yesterday that today would be the celebration of my birthday, as Monday I am in class all day. I was given the promise of sleeping late, breakfast when I woke up and a day out with my daughter.

Unfortunately, the sleeping and the breakfast fell through. I cannot find it in myself to complain as a 6 1/2 year old taught me so much (once again).

The school fair was this weekend. For my birthday present, she has decided she is taking me. She pulled from her purse money that has been saved from The Tooth Faerie and Santa Claus as well as various good grades rewards. This money she handed to the gentleman at the ticket booth and said "I need to get as many tickets as I can. It's my Mommy's birthday". (As I scramble in my head to tally up what I need to sneak back into her purse later on)

The clerk hands her the tickets and we are off to the rides. Last year, I so clearly remember her getting to the top of the 3 story slide and being terrified to go down. One can only imagine my suprise at her leading me to one of the scariest rides available. It is called "The Bullet". Consisting of a large metal beam with a carriage on either end, it spins as the two ends of the carriage turn as well. "Don't be afraid, Mommy. I will hold your hand", she tells me.

Today, my daughter showed no concern for what she wanted. When she won a game, she gave me the prize. She took me on the scariest ride and showed no fear because she felt her mother wouldn't like the "kiddie" rides. Today, my daughter was selfless and thoughtful. I don't dare tell her that I would have been content to eat cotton candy and ride the Carousel with her all day long.

Happy Birthday to me. I must be doing something right.