This beverage is, as of 2007, also available in liquor stores in Canada, indicating some sort of North American distribution system since it even has a thing on the label indicating a 20-cent bottle return refund in Quebec. The label is altogether reminiscent of the Holy Grail DVD cover, with the arm with the Grail and the knights and Camelot and all that sticking out of some clouds, all set against a nice bright cheery yellow. It comes in 500 ml bottles, which is nice since my stein can't accommodate more without overflowing or refilling.

The beer pours a nice golden-amber colour, with a foamy head only if you pour it straight into the middle of the stein, instead of down the side. It's also fairly cloudy - impossible to see my finger through the stein. To my mouth, it tastes heavier, alcohol-wise, than it actually is; at 4.7% alc./vol., it's hardly stronger than the Kokanee sitting in my fridge, but it tastes a lot stronger. This is probably from its ale heritage - something into which I have not particularly delved.

At its price point of... um, 5-something with tax, though, Monty Python's Holy Grail will remain an occasional pleasure for me, given that domestic draft beers go for 13-something for 6 cans. Still, it's a neat bottle to have decorating the bachelor apartment windowsill.