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Fighting Games, Role-playing in the World of Darkness, and making sauth's life a living hell
Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana
Everything is within the scope of human imagination, you just have to be tripping like crazy to see it.
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Some people just happen to rock:
sauth - "I was going to only steal one thing, but then the waitress came back, and she was a bitch, so I stole two."
Bitca - "The deciding factor in my reputation."
LitBolt - "The man with a master plan, who plays as human for fun."
CzarKhan - "The cyborg with a (My own assumption) Pocky addiction..."
ducksauce - "I stare at necks for fun."
discofever - "Monsieur Waxycrotch."
avalyn - "I can snort smoke through my ears...Oh wait...that's my nose."
Anyone else who rocks my socks

I'm a gamer, martial artist, and a geek. So get ready for nodes that are fun and happy and like things that are things. Fnord.

Feeling of the Week: I'm sad that I'm flying.