I dreamed that my dog Kelsey had somehow been turned into a giant dog-shaped raisin. This freaked dream-me out. Dream-me went to my friend's house to see if she could help restore my raisin's doggieness, only, upon seeing my poor raisin-dog, she began to try to convince me that since my dog was now a raisin, the only logical thing to do would be to eat her. She said "You can't let a raisin like that just go to waste!" And then she went for my dog with a butter knife. So, I fled her house with raisin-Kelsey under my arm and went home. Waiting there were all my neighbors, who all wanted to eat her! I tried to get into my house and lock the door, but they all got a hold of raisin-Kelsey and started to pull her away from me, and I couldn't get her back. At this point, I woke up, very disturbed, and then, thinking it over, realized how utterly stupid it all was and had myself a little laugh. In the dream though, I was really scared. Weird.