Dear Everythingians;

I want to thank you all for a great couple of years. I’ve learnt and taken a lot from my time here at E2, and I’d like to think that I’ve managed to contribute back at least a few worthwhile nodes that have added to the nodegel in some useful way. I’m looking forward to The New E2, when or if it ever arrives. I think it would be a positive direction for the site and the noding community to take. Originally, I disliked the idea of applying an extra system of hoops to jump through in order to publish, but on reflection it can only serve to improve the quality of work that E2 can produce. And that’s got to be a good thing – right? You guys kick ass.

It’s not easy being surrounded by so many writers and thinkers of such intelligence, creativity and value, but the E2 community has never failed to be supportive and friendly, and you should all be proud of what’s here. Not many other disparate groups – online or off – share the same kinds of bonds and relationships that blossom here. I’m sure you all have your favourite noders, someone you feel has changed the site, the community and perhaps even your life. I do. You – the regular noders and readers of E2 - have been a great community to hover on the periphery of. Thank you.

BuffcorePhil is skipping off into the sunset, though. You can keep my writeups for the good of the database, if you want to keep them. I’ve weeded out most of the rubbish and just left behind what I’m proud of. They may be my words, but they equally belong to you, the community that grew them.

With love;
- Phil Cooper <>


I didn’t want to name names, but I want to heap extra love and thanks onto (in no particular order) Heisenberg, wertperch, yclept, Roninspoon, Aneurin, JohnnyGoodyear, ereneta, Ouroboros, lometa and momomom. You guys were just great.