I don’t like getting into bed at night, It’s cold and I have no one to warm my hands and feet on. Mr moose isn’t very warm, but he is cuddly. Though if I get too close his fur tries to run up my nose.

When I can’t sleep I can’t really blame anyone, but when I do: I have nobody to beat up as I get rid of all the spiders in my sleep. They always crawl on me when I sleep but I can never find them. When the sound of snoring wakes me up I have no one else to blame for it. Then if I get bored at night there’s nobody there to entertain me. In fact, its quite boring having a whole quilt and bed to myself with no one to try and claim it from me.

The worst part is waking up; I don’t even get breakfast in bed! But I do get it sooner as I don’t spend as long convincing myself to go get it. But then when I do get it I can’t complain about the ratio of milk to cereal not being right.