My ragtag team of misfits beating a real softball team.

Finding out the team we beat are bartenders and regulars at one of the coolest bars ever.

Drinking for free for about 3 hours because we won. – vodka tonics and pink coconut girly drinks that can fuck you up.

Making new friends and finding a new favorite watering hole. – “See you next Saturday.”

Thai food.

So it’s settled – Iceland in September. Brazil in 2005.

Strip jenga. – Kiss the person on your left. Do a shot. Show us your sexy underwear. Truth: Who at this table do you want to have sex with the most?

More drinking.

Paul's Boutique and Deltron 3030 repeating over and over for a 48 hour soundtrack.

Go to Lowery’s tavern. Intercept Sarah’s date. “Have you stuck your tongue down her throat yet?”

Late night Mexican food.


Waking up late on Sunday.

Cubs game. bleachers. rain delay. “We’re not going in!” bonding. “He’s on my team!” extra innings. “We’re not leaving!” Really really sunburned. Cubs win.