The above write-up is now rather old but sadly, there is little change in the situation. Cormega is still one of the finest rappers on the planet, and he still gets no love from radio stations - which are the only way an artist can shift records these days. Tim Westwood played the new single a few weeks ago, once, but hardly talked it up a great deal - I've not heard it again since.

What has always impressed me about Cormega is that he is not afraid to genuinly get passionate on the mic. One often feels that such cult figures as Eminem feign at least a little of their energy, but with Cormega you can't help but feel he rhymes from the heart.

A typical example is on "Fallen Soldiers", arguably his finest release to date. "Did you ever lose a niggah you loved? Ever asked yourself is there a heaven for thugs? And will you be forgiven when your spirit is judged?" goes the hook. This song is about his older brother who was killed in a flair-up of gang violence, and he captures the mood of despair and self-questioning just perfectly.

I wonder if Cormega will ever make it in the mass market now. He doesn't seem afraid of selling copies; he's no NoFX. Maybe the record-buying public aren't ready for his sound and style just yet. Only time will tell.