Ironclaw is a table-top role-playing game published by Sanguine Productions Ltd. Sanguine Productions, currently in it's 4 year of production, has produced not only it's successful Ironclaw product but a published novel, miniatures for game play, and a related product, Jadeclaw.

However, Ironclaw's success can be contributed to it's unique game system and world. Ironclaw strives to simplify things for a roleplayer while still keeping a dynamic envrioment intact that can be expanded or complicated at will. Ironclaw falls back to a simple "no nonsense" system of dice rolling minus complicated modifers used in many former and modern RPGs.

Ironclaw also places intricate roleplaying over standard hack and slash gameplay. Ironclaw may also be spotlighted for it's ingenious character generation system, which allows the player to pick from well over a dozen fantasy anthropomorphic races.