Disclaimer: Proof that the information origin/bootstrap paradox is bullshit found bellow in the links.

Once an august time traveler went to 1892 with the complete sheet music to the score of Star Wars. He wanted to make a quick buck or maybe millions, but the 1892ers were unable to appreciate the vast, epic, sweeping, cream-thy-jeans, fan boy-pleasing sound of Star Wars. This was before Holst’s Planets, you see, and the world as yet wasn’t ready for Star Wars.

The time traveler left penniless resolving to return with Elvis records next time.

Meanwhile in 1971, while searching his mother's attic John Williams stumbles upon a forgotten libretto from Doctor Von Pitterpant’s 1893 Star Wars opera. He pieces together the music on the piano. It is haunting. He doesn’t know what it is but the music tears at him as if a piece of his very soul is missing.

For the rest of his life Williams feels empty. The feeling is never resolved.

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