The show starred Thomas Lennon as Mr. Laupin ("Meredith"), Kerri Kenney as the former Mrs. Laupin ("Agatha"), and Michael Ian Black as "your cool-ass pal," Johnny Blue Jeans, all of whom appeared on the MTV sketch comedy show, "The State."

"Viva Variety" was based on a sketch from "The State," called "The Mr. and Former Mrs. Laupin Variety Programme."

Segments included "French or Gay?," "Monkey Sports," and various product endorsments, including a start-smoking aid and a brand of mace called "Not Tonight, Not Ever."

Ben Garant, another former "The State" player and writer, wrote for "Viva Variety" and appeared in a few of the sketches.

It aired on Comedy Central, but was cancelled in early 1997, after only one season.