The Salsa Sock was first featured as part of a skit on Comedy Central's show Viva Variety. The Character Johnny Bluejeans (Played by Michael Ian Black) presented the sketch. It was a mock infomercial where Johnny suggested a myriad of fun games to be played with the Salsa Sock. One example was "hurl the salsa sock at an old woman."

A salsa sock is very simple to create. It has two components: a sock (preferrably a tube sock) and salsa. The jar of salsa is poured into the sock; the jar is then disposed of.

A salsa sock then must be used. It can be used to throw against something hard and make a mess or it can be used as a temporary conversation piece. A salsa sock has no practical use- (barring the invention of tortilla shoes).

Do not hit people in the face with a salsa sock, salsa will burn when it gets in the eyes- Also it leaks all over the place. In addition, a properly made salsa sock will break windows when whipped at them; therefore, be careful with how you use your salsa sock.

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