Ack! I lost innocence!

I woke up yesterday to find myself among a strikingly diverse class of new Content Editors: gn0sis, graceness, Lucy-S, sid, sneff, witchiepoo, wuukiee, and I have all signed on to help with the housework here on E2.

This group has very little in common. The style, content, frequency, and total number of our writeups, our chatterbox presence and our profiles in the E2 community are all over the map. The observant noder may have noticed that the same could always have been said of The Management here. Clearly, this is not mere coincidence. In my estimation, it is one of many broad hints scattered throughout the design and upkeep of E2 that it has no interest at all in forcing our contributions into any particular mold.

That said, I have no firm picture yet what it's really like to be an E2 Content Editor.*

For the most part, I watch and learn, but lest it be said that I've done nothing...


  • a couple of noders
  • a few noders
  • a noder with an excess of advice. I snapped myself with a rubber band for that.
Firmlinked: Edited:
  • Sub-Rosa Subway (thing) by Bantik Incorporated a small correction from Paisley (below).
  • A few typos, spelling errors, misplaced apostrophes and such.
Current users know who they are. The names of fled users with no remaining writeups are called out so that they can be recycled, if the Gods so wish. Reasons for kill are enumerated so that I am forced to think them through before pulling the trigger. All kills are merciful unless noted.
  • Mr. E-mail does the Macarena (idea) - It was only a cut and paste of a page from another website.
  • NCR (thing) by bob-o - One linkless, misspelled line. This act rendered fled user bob-o devoid of writeups.
  • Sub-Rosa Subway (thing) by Paisley - Correction of a mis-transcribed lyric in the wu above. Fled user Paisley now has no writeups left.
  • Paralyse (place) by henrybrennan - Brief, linkless outcry. Fled user henrybrennan has lost his only writeup.
  • Presencing (idea) by brael - Linkless one-liner. Fled user brael is now without writeups.
  • Game Boy Advance (thing) - Linkless, misspelled and superseded.
  • Canadian Invasion (idea) by vampile - Alas, another fled noder who left us with... well, nothing, now.
  • ununbium (thing) - Superseded.
  • Examples of the Inadequacy of the English Language (idea) - Superseded, so to speak.
  • Lestat (thing) - Linkless, unmeasureable signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Gard (place) - A worthy topic, deserving of much better treatment. The user in question was clearly capable of providing it, but sadly, has long since fled.
  • pizza beer (thing) - "Place one slice of pizza (any kind) as well as 2 beers (also any kind) into a blender and blend until desired thickness is reached. Add more beer or pizza for flavor." You tell me.
  • Dead baby jokes (all the remaining jokes in there) - I'm pretty sure everyone has heard most of these before. Some of them were so old that I had heard them when I was a kid. I had even heard some of them told as racial jokes. Write something, ferchrissakes.
* I created quite a stir by killing the Dead baby jokes. There was talk of lynching and armed revolution in the catbox. Cheez, you'd have thought I had nuked Our Sensei or something. Dem bones ruled that the jokes are some modest species of 'culture', and had them resurrected. I ate a bag of HELL. The little cuties have been stapled back up to their tree (thanks, JayBonci) so can we quit with the dead dead baby joke jokes now?

I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee or a ragout.

-- Jonathan Swift - A Modest Proposal (1729)