Speaker could not have put it more eloquently, although I am about 4 hours north. My day started out a total 180° from the previous Friday, which was bright and sunny and filled the passing day having the Army give demonstrations to our school of their toys with an Apache touching down in one of the athletic fields. This morning (4/15) was filled with wet snow, cold air and just miserable conditions.

It has been only a couple of weeks approaching the end of the Semester and everyone is gearing up for finals. All of Winter's snow has finally melted and they have swept up the red sand for traction from the streets and the lawns. The watering schedule has been put in place and the grass has turned from the brown that it has been all winter to a nice brigh green. So this is what springtime is like in Rexburg. I am so used to the humid climate of Western Washington, that this has been my first real opportunity to live away from 'home'. And the high mountain desert is very much different from the Puget Sound. Hard to imagine that I will be spending the next 3½ years here to get my "education" that all the employers in the tech industry are now seeking, unlike 5 years ago.

From the time it took me to walk home from my classes (roughly 5 minutes), I was half frozen from the sleet that was sticking to my hair, my face, my clothes, and the slush that I was stomping in. Logging onto the National Weather Service and other websites like Intellicast.com revealed that we were in the midst of a winter storm....halfway into April. Now I realize that the climate here is much different from what I am used to, with the coldest morning that I have experienced in my life being -15°F. The worst I had experienced before was the Winter storm that hit the Puget Sound on Dec 26, 1996, knocking down trees and powerlines with a day's worth of freezing rain while closing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge because of falling icicles going through driver's windshields, thereby stranding me on the wrong side. (And that is a whole `nother story)

Now at 2:15am, the snow has not ceased coming down and the last measurement I took about 11:00pm measured 4 inches on the ground. We are expecting at least 8 by morning. Well, with this wacky weather, I should be in for a long ride.

Enough of my rambling, it is time for bed.