The best continental breakfast in the Southern Hemisphere
or what to do with 24 hours in the south island of New Zealand.

When I was summoned to New Zealand for a month by work, I attempted to make contact with the indigenous noder population and found Heisenberg to be quite friendly (if not precisely indigenous), positively welcoming would be not inaccurate.

The Britnoders trumped me by claiming the chap for a few weeks but once he got back I took a day off work and a few days ago I headed down the coast to see what Oamaru was like.

There was good food, wine and later there were Penguins. I had seen Blue Penguins before in Akoroa but these were a lot closer. Unfortunately it was also night and we weren't allowed to take pictures so Diotina doesn't get any more penguin pics. Heisenberg's better half works as a guide at the colony sometimes so even though late we were ushered in to the vip seats gratis.

We later went out to a cool little place called The Penguin Club (which has a website) and listened to jam night for a bit before heading back to chat and sleep.

Possibly the highlight was the fantastic continental spread they did for breakfast which certainly put the continental hotels I've stayed in to shame. We swapped music the old-fashioned way, walked on the beach and finally the time came and I was dropped back in town.

It was an enjoyable 24 hours and it was good to have noder company.

Now for the noder-meet.