It is interesting to see the effect Cataract had on the work of the great French Impressionist, Claude Monet.

From 1912 Monet began to develop Cataract in his left eye. As the cataract evolved and his sight deteriorated, it began affecting his work as well.

The effects of the Cataract are clearly seen in his work from the time. Monet painted many paintings of his garden in Giverny, a small town in France. The left hand side of the Giverny paintings, dated after 1912, is characterized with shades of blue, a common effect of the Cataract. While the right hand side of those paintings (i.e the healthy eye) remain loyal the true colours of the garden.

In 1923 Monet had a surgery to remove the Cataract from his left eye. The sudden change in his paintings is amazing. Both sides of the paintings match the colours of the garden.
When Monet noticed the difference between his post-surgery paintings and his pre-surgery paintings, he destroyed many of the latter in rage.