An useful language for quickly creating Windows programs. Uses COM and DCOM a lot, which is a cool technology (I was astonded to read that one could write DCOM objects in C/C++ on Linux and call their methods from a Windows box, but that's possible). My biggest beef with VB, coming from a C++ background, is the lack of proper constructors, which I would find extremly handy in my current work. The only this you get are the Class_Initilize and Class_Terminate events.

VB makes it extremly easy to create COM components, which can be deployed to a Microsoft Transaction Server, which will soon pool object references, but only pools other resources such as database connections at the moment, which still allows for an excellent speed increase over reconnecting each time, and reduces the resource use penatly of maintaining a persistent connection.

The other thing I hate is the circular reference problem, which makes it difficult to build a proper programmatic model without some degress of uglyness.