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Me and RACECAR same same but different. BROCKEN smarter, stronger, faster drunker.

What GOethe said about the Brocken Mountain:

Now to the Brocken the witches ride;
The stubble is gold and the corn is green;
There is the carnival crew to be seen,
And Squire Urianus will come to preside.
So over the valleys our company floats,
With witches a-farting on stinking old goats.

I am an original. Von Brocken, born of this United States but still have most powers.

I am 31 years old. I am short, bald, thin, hungry, strong, thoughtful, fair, analytical, longing, waiting, alive.

I am studying Spanish red Wine.

I have a good looking Mutt dog. He is a swell companion and contemporary. He is tri colored and amusing in his antics. He is a found chewed stick artist.

When I was a little boy, I swallowed the world's sorrow. God tricked me. It looked like a gum ball.

I've tried half assed to become.

You all noders keep me here.

i'm not a man of few words, but I think the fewest words send the best meaning.

My ideas are only a manifestation of the kingdom of god within me.