On the theory that I've been spending too much time with folks clad in leather, I took a break from dating, the scene, and Portland, and wandered south to Eugene to spend time with mordel and karma_debt. Hijinks, a badass sunset, k_d's unexpectedly cool mother, a lot of good alcohol, and a slug queen, ensued.

Slug Queen. Yes. Badass female science professors working towards getting girls involved in SCIENCE, particularly mad science. Buy your girl geeks reagents today! Also, there was a parade (for the yearly town festival) involving the Slug Queen (in all her neon green and vinyl lab-coated glory atop a multi-bicycle-powered float), bellydancers with swords on their heads, multiple marching bands, Occupy Medical, the local congressman, several generations of fire engines, dragon dancers, electrical race cars, the local food banks, and more hippie propaganda than you can shake a stick at.

Overall, awesome.

Other awesome things:

  • Yes We Can. Patty pan squashes turn very yellow once brined and left to sit overnight.
  • mordel made some crazy insane zucchini bread. Seriously, I think there's crack in there.
  • Falling Sky Brewery - still has the best peri peri sandwich and stocks THE BEST (Nectar Creek) mead I've ever had. Peach! Raspberry! A distinct lack of cloying!
  • Sweet Cheeks Winery - still has the best winery view I've found. Rose wine still tasty. Massive picnic was had. It was a picnic of hobbit-like proportions.
  • You can seriously stare at a butte from karma_debt and mordel's kitchen in the morning. And mordel makes a badass latte.
  • Eugene weather in late August is amazing.
  • Oh god guys I am so tired.

This has been one of the best weekends ever. Tomorrow, there's probably more canning, pancakes, and then, having been overwhelmed by k_d and mordel's son's birthday celebrations, an eager dog, and a previous week of multiple first dates and social stuff, I am going to be at home. With my cat. In silence, for contrast*.

Did I mention karma_debt and mordel are awesome? They're awesome. Because holy shit.

* One of the best things about being an adult is realizing that The Awesome will burn you out just like The Suck will, and sometimes more. Both require recharging, especially if you're an introvert or ambivert.

Being happy is remarkably hard and satisfying work.