Been managing to get my hour a day in on the TV pilot I'm writing, and it's coming along pretty well, which is good, 'cuz I just got a call today from the LA agent that convinced me to start this whole project. He’s wondering when it's gonna be done, 'cuz apparently ABC’s clamoring for shit right, they're hurting so bad in the ratings wars. My wife answered the phone when he called. After I was done talking with him she asked me who it was, I told her, and she asked, "Is he foreign?" I said, "Not really. He’s Irish. It’s worse than being foreign 'cuz they’re convinced they can be understood when they speak." I know I’m gonna catch hell for this, but it’s true!: the Irish are unintelligible. I say this with all love, as I proudly claim my Hibernian-American heritage, but jesus! I lived in Woodside, Queens -- a famous Irish immigrant enclave-- for three years and I swear to christ they couldn't even understand each other!

It’s been beautiful these last few days in Seattle: cerulean skies, with just enough of a chill in the air to keep a slightly plumpish fuck like myself from soaking his shirt with sweat when he pushes his kid’s stroller up Capitol Hill. My wife and I moved back here last October from New York City, and given the wicked weather swings they’ve been having back East, I’m feeling better about the move every day. I just hope it doesn’t get so hot here that we have to leave the windows wide open at night, 'cuz we live on what we affectionately call Crack Alley, and there really is never a dull moment down on the sidewalk.

In my last day log I put the question to the nodegel of whether posting my plays was a good idea. Only Ouroborus got back to me with this cryptic response: "It is a strange thing what this place accepts from its users." So I went ahead and posted the first section of the play of mine that’s done probably the best out in the world. It didn’t catch fire with noders, but it wasn’t an XP bloodbath either, so I’ll probably go ahead and node the rest of it little by little.

But this has got me thinking, what other plays are noded in their entirety on E2? I know Shakespeare’s canon’s out there, and I believe I recall seeing some Ibsen, though I don’t know how much of it has been noded yet. Dare I say it? I guess I’m sort of interested in creating a metanode of plays that appear in their entirety on E2, old, new, short, long, good, bad. If you think this is good idea or an absolutely terrible one, let me know. But more important, if you know of or come across any play noded in its entirety here, msg me and I’ll add to my list. When I get a critical mass I’ll post it as a metanode, something along the lines of “E2 stage plays”.

Lil’ help?