Circle X is a small not-for-profit, ensemble theatre company located in Los Angeles and dedicated to highly provocative and boldly theatrical productions of new and rarely seen plays.

Since its inception, Circle X has received 3 Ovation Awards and 16 nominations, 5 LA Weekly Awards and 8 nominations, and 5 Garland Awards. The Ovation Award for Best Play and the LA Weekly Award for Best Production both went to Great Men Of Science, Nos 21 & 22 in 1998. The world premiere of Paul Mullin’s Louis Slotin Sonata received the LA Weekly Award for Best New Play, 2 Garland Awards and the Los Angeles Critics Circle Award for Outstanding World Premiere of a New Play. Circle X mounts four or five full productions each season.

The company was founded in early 1996 by 7 artists drawn together by a common dream of creating an artistic home. By the fall of 2000, the company had grown to approximately 50 members. Circle X maintains an open-company policy, and never charges dues. Admission to the company is gained through participation (artistic, technical, or both) in the production process.

As of the Fall 2002, after two incredibly taxing productions, namely Paul Mullin's An American Book of the Dead - The Game Show and Laura Comstock's Bag-Punching Dog, by Alice Dodd and Jillian Armenante, the theatre found itself in a crisis of leadership and resources, its survival in question.