Just a little tidbit on Michael Moore's style of production. I was speaking with a person who worked on Michael's show "The Awful Truth" (which is a great show by the way). The person, who will remain nameless, said that Michael is very very concerned with the editing process, to the point where the show is edited at least 8 times. Most shows that go on networks are not edited even 4 times, from what I understand. Some of the crew when asked about what they thought of the show before after it aired reportedly replied, well, "I thought it was good about 4 or 5 edits ago". Apparently this makes him very hard to work with. Michael Moore might be insecure about the show quality to the point where he is over working it. Possibly the show was not good 4 or 5 edits ago and Michael Moore is just a perfectionist. Well, in any case, Michael Moore is an invaluable part of the American experience, giving voice to people who are often overlooked and exposing those that need to be brought out into the light.