I don't know why it's "Canadian", but Canadian bacon is a real thing and there are some various important differences between 'regular' bacon and the northen variety. In Canada, Canadian Bacon is called usually 'Back Bacon'.

'Regular' bacon is meat from the back and sides (rump and belly), then usually cut into thin strips. Canadian bacon however is taken from the leaner tender eye of the loin area of the hog, located in the middle of the back. It is then rolled, bound, salted and smoked so the end product is more like a small ham or large whole-meat sausage than traditional bacon.

In the United States places like pizza parlors will try to use ham with burnt edges and call it 'Canadian bacon', though happily many places are finally learning the distinction and using real Canadian bacon and listing ham as another topping altogether.

Canadian Bacon

, a rather twisted comedy loosely based on the war of 1812, but set in modern times

In both instances a bunch of drunken yahoos from the United States of America decide to attack Canada. Difference being that in this movie the drunkards weren't sent packing red faced and brutalised.

The cast, both US and Canada included just about every performer from the Canadian SCTV comedy troupe. Highly featured of course as the ring leader of those drunken louts, was the venerable, and missed John Candy

My understanding of the plot is that some jealousy over sliced ham and tall towers was at the root of this invasion.

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